Emma Pybus

freelance copywriter and content writer

Exhibition text

Exhibition panel copywriter

Hylton Castle 

During the refurbishment of Hylton Castle in Sunderland, I wrote copy for the castle’s new signage and app. This included information about historical features of the building, the landscape and the people who once lived and worked there – from wealthy landowners to guards and servants . 

I bet you like bread, am I right? With butter, or with a big slab of meat? Or maybe to mop up a nice hot stew. Lovely. I love bread, which is lucky as I have to get up practically in the middle of the night to get the ovens on, grind flour and start baking every day. If I didn’t make sure that Sir Hylton and everyone who works in the castle had bread to eat for breakfast there would be big trouble. I’d better get back to work! Hylton Castle baker, 1800s.


Who goes there? My job is to guard the entrance to the gatehouse. That might sound exciting but actually, I spend hours and hours just standing around. This castle isn’t in danger of being attacked, so all I have to do is send the odd nosy parker on their way. Of course, we do get quite a few official visitors as well, so I make sure to let them in – once I’ve made sure they are who they say they are, of course. Hylton Castle guard, 1800s. 

The result: Visitor information which is characterful, historically accurate and suitable for a family audience. 


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