Emma Pybus

freelance copywriter and content writer

Website copy

Exhibition panel copywriter

The Comfrey Project 

The Comfrey Project runs a community garden and allotment sites where refugees and people who are seeking asylum can come to learn new skills, share what they know with others, and start to build a better life.

The charity was redeveloping its website and I worked with them and with design agency Supanaught to write the new website copy. See the new website here. 

The Comfrey Project provides a safe, welcoming place for people who have fled conflict and persecution to improve their physical and mental wellbeing, develop new skills and put down roots in their new community.


Our approach is based on the use of horticulture-based activities including gardening, bee-keeping, cooking, crafts and construction, to improve people’s lives.

The result: a website which is clear, welcoming and which fits with the charity’s vision and values. 


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