Emma Pybus

freelance copywriter and content writer

Website copy

North of Tyne Combined Authority – Tyne Powered campaign

Tyne Powered aims to raise the profile of the River Tyne as a great place for people to build a business. 

I wrote web and brochure copy targeting potential investors in the offshore and renewable energy sectors. We needed the Tyne Powered campaign to be different from its competitors, so the copy combines personality and points of difference with the hard facts that investors need in order to make their decision: 

 The River Tyne in North East England has a 700-year track record in engineering with the power to change the world. Today, it’s where businesses like Equinor, Smulders and Siemens have chosen to bring their ideas to life.


The Tyne has the innovative minds and forward-thinkers to test, build and power new technologies. It has the skills, the commitment and the pure graft to be a driving force in building a new, zero carbon future.

The result: A website, brochure and social media which has caught the attention of businesses and investors. 

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